The digital tech that’s driving our services

A major concentration point of information are shop owners in remote areas; our research shows that these hold profound knowledge about their rural communities. Besides buying groceries and products, citizens meet and exchange information.

Managing Operations

Point-of-Sales System

We’re building a digital ledger type system with easy-to-use interface which shop owners can use to record and track their daily sales and perform better in their business. This will improve efficiency and optimize their shop operation which requires change of behaviour. The transactional data will help manage their cash flow and find ways to increase income or decrease spending while at the same time provide business insights to brands and actors in the supply chain.

Additional Income

“Data ATM” for Shop and Community

Increasing revenue streams for local retail businesses and community members is beneficial especially to last-mile communities who struggle to make a living. Groots will provide terminals that run a simple survey interface to shops. These devices will harvest data directly from households and selected community members who will receive monetary reward for validated answers.

Always available, always up-to-date

Individualised Insights

Your information the way you need it. We can provide all data in raw format, be it through a file format like .csv or your specified API. But it's likely you'll want to try our Groots Dashboard, which we are individualizing to your needs, showing beautiful visual interpretations of the most relevant metrics to you and your partners - always up-to-date. No prior knowledge needed.