Our full-cycle services for private and public companies


Data for Development Interventions

Big data offers great opportunity for increased impact efficiency throughout all development sectors. With its own data collection capabilities, brilliant experts and strong partnerships, Groots provides your individual full-dress data solution.

No matter what data challenges your projects are facing from energy, agriculture, health to governance, insights from communities are key to successful interventions. Whether you already have a good idea of what you need to know or only have rough end goals in mind, we can help you assess what to find out and how. Our proprietary powerful tool is perfect for sourcing fast and most up-to-date data from households and communities while we also work with our partners to complete the puzzles specific to your project’s needs. We integrate and turn the overwhelmingly complex pieces into easy-to-read and actionable highlights ready for your intervention. Frequent intervals and stretching over months or years come at minimum extra effort.

Team Work

Monitoring & Evaluation for Development

Raw data availability and fragmented tools are common challenges in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). Early stage consulting, high quality data-collection and useful analyses and reporting: Groots finds and operates your optimum of M&E instruments, all in one place.

Whether you want to assess the success of your project at the end or want to monitor the progress over time as an integral part of your implementation, we can harvest eye-opening insights of operation and impact to your team, your funders or other audience specific to your project’s need with much less hassel. The direct and instant communication with people on the ground through our technology will reflect the voice of your beneficiaries. Insightful analysis can come in detailed reporting to fulfil your project’s performance indicator requirement as well as key metrics in striking graphics offering highlights to your funders and project partners. It also serves as solid and reliable basis for your follow-up or scaling-up phases.


Product & Market Development

The market strategy and product design decisions which make or break the successful approach to the hugely potent lean markets of the majority world should be based on the best data base available. Groots offers shop and customer access and hyper-local, validated business intelligence. We collect the data first-hand with our tools, analyse and extract key insights and present in an easy-to-read and attractive format to enables evidence-based decisions in the fast paced business environment.