The principles that guide us

Groots is a social enterprise of former development practitioners which responsibly sources hyper-local data with the means of improving efficiency and impact in international cooperation. Our shop owner based swarm provides measurable social value by empowering the poorest semi-urban and rural communities to gain income from the data economy.

Principle I

Community Participation in the Data Economy

We adhere to the principle of empowering data subjects to work towards our vision. We only collect data that is provided voluntarily and in return for a fair compensation. We take identity and digital rights seriously. We communicate transparently to our swarm of data providers the purpose of our data collection and the bigger picture their participation fit in.

Our economy is being driven more than ever by data which has increasingly high market value and companies are generating a lot of income sometimes even without data subjects’ consent. We believe that the data subjects who actually hold the information should gain benefits from this data value chain by being fairly compensated. Our digital tools will provide additional income for families and shops in remote corners of the majority world. Through participating on our platform, data providers will acknowledge more the value of the information they possess.

Principle II

Designed for the practice in rural areas

Despite unprecedented advance in digital technology, our first-hand field exposure shows that there is still a big gap in the majority world especially in remote and poorest communities. Smartphone ownership and internet penetration rate remains low. Our solutions are specifically designed for this target group. The tools are frictionless, easy-to-use, able to operate offline and require little (to no) literacy or numeracy skills in most extreme cases. The introduction of these low-tech solutions in the first place will gradually raise awareness and build capacities of community members. The technology penetration is only going up and our solutions are integral part of this accelerating process.

Principle III

Increasing Impact in International Development

We make data available which is crucial for efficient development projects and sustainable product design. Impactful interventions on any development topics need to be based on up-to-date and high quality localised data. The project and policy design, implementation and decision-making that are data driven and evidence-based need to come from sound and solid reflection of the voices of the beneficiaries to ensure good governance. Groots’ solutions derive from beneficiaries-centred design while leaving the solutions flexible accommodating to the dynamic needs of project implementers. Overarching the project’s scope, reliable and effective monitoring and evaluation or impact assessment play a key role in optimizing public and private impact investment.