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Expert Data Consultation

Our century of combined expertise in data science goes towards building cutting edge tools for projects of any size. With our community-driven data network, Groots provides access to high quality, localized data. Unparalleled customization options mean that Groots can adjust network parameters and optimize insights to any project, product, or campaign.

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Custom Data Tools

We build data visualization dashboards, turning raw data into beautiful, easy to use applications. Our unique, community-centered approach to data provides our clients with unmatched localization and data relevance for their projects, wherever they may be.

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Data from the Source

For larger clients with in-house data analytics, we also provide raw data, through file formats like .csv or any specified API. Whether your project is just getting off the ground or is well established in the field, our customized, community-driven insights will identify opportunities to increase impact while saving precious time.

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Monitor, Evaluate, Research, & Learn

Our expertise across industries and sectors gives us the ability to locate the optimal metrics and indicators for any project. We centralize data in ergonomic dashboards so you can follow the success of your project from beginning to end, and easily share that information with partners and the public. Our data solution lets your customers, funders, and beneficiaries know that you care about maximum impact.

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Intelligence for Bold Enterprises

Uniquely relevant market insights from hard to reach places around the world mean that product, supply chain, and employee performance indicators can be harnessed anywhere and delivered everywhere. Our global approach to data helps companies break into new markets, solidify gains, and lead product innovation. Flexibility and personal connection allows us to thrive in volatile and uncertain markets - our commitment to quality data means that you can too.

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We form partnerships with small and medium-sized shops in rural and hard to reach places around the world. In exchange for our free-to-use business software, shop-owning entrepreneurs share their valuable data and introduce their community to our helpful, value-creating services.

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